Above Ground

Above Ground

Title : Above Ground
Release : 2017
Rating : 8.1
Language : English
Runtime : 90
Genre : Crime,Drama,Thriller

Movie Detail

Recently divorced Thad Sitter (Clayne Crawford) works part-time at a weight loss clinic in southwest Missouri, but the real money comes from moonlighting as a go-between for his boss, weight loss guru Gayle Benson (Heather Roop), and her illegal diet pill suppliers. It's all working out until the suppliers raise their rates, and Gayle murders them, forcing Thad to dispose of the evidence. Meanwhile, Thad's ex-wife, Julie (M.J. Brackin), is fresh off a messy breakup with Sheriff Crane (Robert Leeshock) after realizing she's still in love with Thad. When the jealous Sheriff gets wind of the murders, he decides to implicate Thad in an attempt to have Julie all to himself. Now a threat to exposing Gayle's operation, Thad has no choice but to go into hiding as he is pursued by his former boss and the law. Julie enlists the help of private investigator Jake Liebig (Ken Hudson Campbell), who begins unraveling the mystery behind the murders and Thad's sudden disappearance. But the closer ...

Director :

Thomas Rennier

Writer :

Christopher Rennier

Actors :

Clayne Crawford, M.J. Brackin, Heather Roop, Ken Hudson Campbell

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